Prywatne ubezpieczenia zdrowotne

Honoured health,

to know your worth,

can just be done,

when you are gone,

Ubezpieczenie zdrowotne(Polish epigram) wrote the poet Jan Kochanowski. Seemingly, this has not changed since the 16th century. We still value our health most when we get ill. What distinguishes us from the people at that time is, however, the understanding of importance and possibilities of prophylaxis. In the Western Europe, private health insurance is part of everyday life. “What is your health insurance number?” are the first words a patient hears when seeing a doctor. In Poland this type of insurance is still considered luxurious. It is so because health care is deemed by the society to be a free service, yet it is not financially supported by the state, and – more importantly – because of the premium rates for health insurance.

The purchase of a private health care package seems to be the only reasonable solution. Polish market offers several types of such packages. One of them is the so-called subscription to a private medical centre or network. Another possibility is accessing the private healthcare facilities through purchasing a group health insurance policy. The significant advantage of such solution is that it does not bind the customer to only one healthcare centre or one medical services network. Insurance companies have contracts with most of the health care facilities in Poland which meet their standards and are willing to cooperate with them. Every year the scope of the available services expands – at the moment also private hospital care and dental care are covered.

Major Broker can negotiate for our clients the best health insurance offer both in Poland and abroad.

Health care insurance is a perfect example of employee benefit offered by employers. Such an insurance covered by the employer is a superb instrument setting the company apart from its competitors on the market as an outstanding employer. The benefits that come along are obvious. Sick leaves among the team become less frequent due to unlimited access to prophylaxis and treatment (as shown in specialized market analyses).

The employer can differentiate the scope of the insurance for different employee groups at the company depending on their occupational responsibility or other relevant factors. Employee’s family may also be included in the health insurance.

We are convinced that in a few years’ perspective having a private healthcare package will be a standard employee benefit.